Portable Massage Chairs

There is a variety of massage chairs in the market, and portable massage chairs are an example. The massage chair is said to have been introduced into the consumer market the first time in the 1980’s. Its primary goal was to relieve tension, alleviate pain and reduce stress. Portable massage chairs take massage chairs to another level. First of all, these chairs are portable and make the massage process easier. They are a great solution for massage therapists because they allow them to perform outcall therapies at different locations.

Portable massage chairs are better for performing massages compared to massage tables. The tables can cause discomfort when one is giving a massage and at times may cause aches due to the angle one has to stay in while performing a massage.

Best tips

Benefits of a Portable Massage Chair

Portability; they are easy to move around, and they enable one to get a massage practically anywhere. They allowjhjhjhjh massages to be performed in different settings such as business offices, trade shows, corporate settings, conferences or during employee appreciation events.

Convenience; most of the time when one is getting a massage, they have to remove their clothing. This is different with the portable massage chairs because this is not necessary. One can easily get a massage on this chair without removing any clothes.

Comfort; giving a massage to someone seated on a portable massage chair is far much easier than someone on a table. When using a table, one has to bend over to massage, and this creates strains on the back. This is very limited when it comes to a massage chair.

Buying advice

When one goes out in search of a massage chair, the following key aspects are important to look for;

The weight; light, portable massage chairs are advisable compared to study stationary massage chair.

The chair frame construction; these chairs can either be constructed with steel, aluminum or wood. For a portable massage chair, an aluminum one is ideal. This is because they are strong while at the same time they are lightweight. If one wants one that is durable and sturdy, then one made from wood or steel would do.

The face cradle

jjhhjjhjhhThis part of the chair has several variables. It is advisable to get one that is easy to use and one which is comfortable.

Additional chair feature; the body support, sternum pads and other portable parts such as the wheels should be taken into consideration.

Price; it is often said that one gets what they pay for. When purchasing this chair, one should consider its benefits and features along with the chairs cost.…