A Preview Of The Designer Crown Table

Furniture makes or breaks a home, if it is tastefully done, taking care of all the aspects of latest interior designs and comfort of the home-owner, it is easily reflected in the décor. Furniture should be such that it complements the house interior style and at the same time, is practical, easy to manage and takes less space. With the advent of new technology and every design available just on a click of the mouse, the interior has taken a new shape and homes are loaded with new-style and chic furniture pieces. Among the latest, designer crown table catches the eye of every visitor, it can be round, square or rectangle, and the table top can be of glass or wood, depending upon the homeowner’s taste. Visit 122 Design.com – Design møbler webpage for a great selection.

A preview of the designer crown table

What is a Crown Table?

A crown table is a piece of furniture which has a crown like a shape at the base and is surfaced by a glass or wooden top; it is used as a coffee table or even garden or balcony furniture. It forms the part of both vintage furniture and the latest furniture ideas. Four important features of a designer Crown Table:


Designer base

As the surface is a simple round, square or a rectangle wooden plank or glass, so the first remarkable feature of a crown table is its base, which is creatively done to catch the attention of guests. Mostly it is a circular metal or wooden grill which looks like a crown. It is heavy from the base and slender in design, which gives it an elegant look. It is mostly made of wood and is painted with different colors and varnishes.


The height of a Crown Table is more than the normal tables; it is because it occupies corner spaces of a room, and used mainly for coffee or high-tea purposes. The height gives it a classy and smart look. It is complimented by high wooden chairs which are necessary to suits its style. It makes sitting both comfortable and casual.

Built-in Lazy Susan

Since it is wide and has a large diameter, and most of the times circular in shape, the designer crown table is always equipped in the center with a built-in Lady Susan to enable the guests to pick cutlery and serve themselves conveniently.


Chic Frame

Nothing can make a crown table look beautiful then the surface used, it is important to identify which frame would look the best and complements the crown in the most fashionable and elegant manner.…