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Manufacturing Women’s Clothing

Manufacturing Clothing is a chain of activities that commences with the design of the garment and its presentation using models. If the design is well received, it will get onto the drawing board where specifications are drawn up, and a size ratio is established.

The Garment buyer then locates a manufacturer who has a reputation for doing the type of garment under Womens Clothes 13scrutiny.The information is then passed down to the manufacturer who develops a sample and uses a fit model to try it on. This process is particularly important in the case of women’s Lingerie.

If the sample is accepted a process of haggling between the buyer and the manufacturer takes place.This process culminates in an FOB price being established, and an order sheet giving the size specifications and ratio is passed down to the manufacturer. With the delivery date in mind, the manufacturer sources the fabric and trim items from a reliable supplier. The order is then scheduled.

Once the fabric arrives, a marker is drawn, and the fabric is cut. It is then categorized and fed into the lines. Stringent quality control measures are adopted both on the production line and at the conclusion of each unit. The garment then undergoes thread cutting to remove any dangling threads.

The manufactured garments are transferred into a finishing section where they are pressed and put into polyethene bags. These are packed probably with an inner carton and an outer carton as per the buyer’s instructions. If it is an item of lingerie, special packing methods need to be adopted. The packaging would involve attractive window boxes that in turn are transferred into an outer corrugated carton.

Womens Clothes 12Some garments like ladies office coats need to be sent in a hung position within the container. This process is expensive but necessary if it is a coat. Other ladies garments could be folded and packed the usual way.

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