Jet Lag? What Not to Do

written by Derek Backus on October 23, 2015 in Travel with no comments

If you are looking for a cure for jet lag, possibilities are that you concentrate your time and energy thinking about what will work. It may be wise to keep that worry aside for a minute and let’s see what you should not do.

Even though it may be easy to think about what will help you get over jet lag, you must also know what you must avoid in order to get accustomed to your new time zone.

Avoid Drinking AlcoholJet LAg 09

Alcoholic beverages are just about the most terrible thing you could drink when it comes to protecting against jet lag. It dehydrates you and also makes you really feel unwell in general, especially if you drank excessively. Hangovers really feel horrible no matter what. A hangover plus jet lag are the worst combinations. If you do make a decision to have a little drink, limit it to one or two glasses and consume lots of water.

Do not Drink Caffeinated Beverages

Caffeine is one more compound that needs to be prevented if you are trying to defeat jet lag. For one point, it can interrupt your sleep patterns. Because your cycles are already disturbed from the jet lag, the caffeine can make it even worse. Caffeinated drinks additionally tend to be diuretics. Dehydration can worsen jet lag. If you absolutely should consume your early morning coffee or tea, limit it to just one or two mugs per day and don’t forget to consume plenty of water.

Don’t Take Quick Naps

Jet LAg 10Another important piece of insight is to prevent napping when you get to your final destination. If it’s still daytime, force yourself to remain awake. If you should sleep before your typical bedtime, wait up until the sunlight sets then go to bed. In this way, you can control your body clock to feel tired and also energetic with the light as that is exactly how it functions.

Stay clear of Junk Food

Since your body is still readjusting, try to eat a healthy and balanced diets as well as drink plenty of water. Avoid fast food, soft drinks, or anything that just isn’t good for you. This will certainly help your body adapt to the time change a lot faster.

If you want to defeat jet lag, there are a lot of solutions you can attempt, such as JetlagFX. Nevertheless, there are additionally some things that you ought to prevent doing. Generally if you consume healthily as well as stay clear of dehydration, you will be on your way.

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